Simple Pallet 800x1200mm

Simple Pallet 800x1200mm
Size: 800x1200
Quality classes A-extra quality
Size: Length: 800mm Width: 1200mm
New / used New
Physical param. Middleweight 700-1099kg
Type Pallets
Material Cardboard
Construction type 4-way pallet
Boards Longitudinal
Treatment Not treated
CategoriesNew cardboard pallets


- Dimensions 1200 x 800, height 15 cm or another according order client
- Kinds of blocks:
- from the honeycomb or round from the cardboard-cartridge case
- legs with covers or without against shocks
- size : of standard is cuboids 10x10x10 cm (width x length x height), there can be any size
round about the diameter 70 mm, any height
- Legs – of standard is tapes 120 x 10 x 10 (width x length x height), there can be any size
- The additional plate in the dependence of the size of carrying plate
- Protective edges
- The material was performed from cartoon of the waste paper, kraftliner
- additional belts / of the runner /
- the plate
- protective edges
We can produce different sizes of palettes, stringers and supplementary components, use different materials and raise palette load capacity on client request.

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