EUR6 (800X600)

EUR6 (800X600)
Size: 600x800x144
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Available: 5000 pcs
EXW Hungary, 1 Budapest
Quality classes A-extra quality
Thickness 22mm
Size: Length: 600mm Width: 800mm Height: 144mm
New / used New
Physical param. Middleweight 700-1099kg
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
Construction type Block pallet, 4-way pallet, Chamfered corners
Boards 6-7 top deck boards, 22+mm top deck boards, Transverse
Treatment HT (heat treatment) , IPPC (IPPC symbol) , KD (kiln drying)
CategoriesNew wooden pallets
new euro pallets
wooden euro pallets


Half-pallets from PalletBiz come with a full range of services including ISPM-15 heat-treatment, pallet exchange service etc. The half-pallet, which is basically half the size of a EUR-pallet: 600 mm x 800 mm, is produced either in accordance with the Danish DS-norm (as shown below) or in accordance with client specifications. While maintaining the strength of the EUR-pallet it is often used in retail distribution because the pallet - due to its size - can be brought all the way to the shop floor, this way saving time for shop personnel.

Other standard pallets from PalletBiz include CP-Pallets (Chemical industry pallets) with or without ISPM-15 heat-treatment. If you do not know the details of the different types of CP-pallets, please download the specification from the box to the right, and then contact us with your needs.

Get a quote on delivery of PalletBiz Half-pallets today! Contact us easily via the contact form below, or contact the appropriate PalletBiz regional office by going to the contact us page.



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