Size: 1300x1100x138
Quality classes B-good quality
Thickness 18mm
Size: Length: 1300mm Width: 1100mm Height: 138mm
New / used Used
Physical param. Heavyweight 1100-1699kg
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
Construction type Block pallet, 4-way pallet, Chamfered corners, DoubleWing
Boards 8+ top deck boards, 18-21mm top deck boards
Treatment HT (heat treatment) , ISPM 15 certified , IPPC (IPPC symbol) , DB (debarked) , KD (kiln drying)
CategoriesUsed wooden pallets


PRS 4 (bags & cargo) 1100mm x 1300mm pallet.
PRS Return System is managing a property owned PRS pallet pool for the Petro Chemical Industry pan European wide. We are interested in receiving back our porperty owned pallets against a fair compensation deal for the costs made in finding, sorting and relocating our pallets. Please get in touch with me and we make a deal customized towards YOUR likings, yet we will not be able to pay market price. Nobody is allowed to buy or sell our pallets without authorization of PRS Return System. We compensate on a fair bases. Recently pallet traders in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, and UK are returning our property PRS pallets. I look forward to meet you all. Regards, Bart Smit, International Pallet Trader Manager


FHG PRS Return System

Phone: 0034

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