Edged board for pallets lumber for construction

Edged board for pallets lumber for construction
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Available: 10000 pcs
EXW Slovakia, 81 Bratislava
Quality classes M-mixed
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Our company GreenWay LTD s.r.o. manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of wooden packaging products such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes and rustic boards for euro pallets.
The company's headquarters is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, our production base is located in Ukraine, in the industrial zone of the Kyiv region. We produce standard Euro pallets UIC / EPAL / EUR, as well as produce new wooden pallets according to individual specifications for packaging and transporting goods for companies from pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, medical equipment and heavy machinery, as well as for agricultural farms, wooden boxes for vegetables and fruit packaging is necessary for the packaging and transportation of materials, goods, and equipment.
Our production has a workshop for repair and restoration used pallets.
Contact our address, we will always provide professional advice, help you find the best options for our products.

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