Size: 500x400x300
Quality classes A-extra quality
Size: Length: 500mm Width: 400mm Height: 300mm
New / used New
Type Crates
Material Wooden
Construction type Simple boxes
Boards 9-13mm side boards
Treatment KD (kiln drying)
CategoriesNew wooden crates


This is basic boxes sorts:

 Natural wood;
 Black/white painted (wood stain - beice)
 „Burned“
 „Rough box“ (with some bark)


 Maded from dryed (8-14 %), planed spruce wood,
 Can be maded with handle
 It can have shelves or without it, also two shelves (only the largest model).

Basic sizes:
o 31x29x24
o 31x29x30
o 59x31x30
o 50x40x30 (can be with shelf)
o 61x59x30 (can be with shelf)
o 50x30x25

We can also produce box according your dimensions, just box must „fit“ in these size - width can be 31-61 cm, length 29-59 cm, height 24-30 cm.

For transportation crates are stacked on pallets and wrapped with protective film.
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