Size: 6x2
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Available: 45 pcs
EXW Latvia
Quality classes A-extra quality
Size: Length: 6mm Width: 2mm
New / used New
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
CategoriesNew wooden pallets


We are the official dealer of the factory "OJSC Borisovskiy DOK", looking for new customers.
Our product - Pellets 6mm is certified by standard En + A1, Din +.
The Volume of production 2000 tons/month. (Planned to expand production up to 3000 t/m until winter 2019)
Product types:
White “Premium +” ~ 400 Tons / Month.
Gray “Premium” ~ 1750 Tons / Month. Color Comparison
Packaging only 15 kg.
ash content 0.2 to 0.3%. 2 times a month continuous laboratory measurements. Measurements confirm the stability of quality for “Premium” and “Premium +”
Price: (Autumn 2019 are indicated on FCA terms, ie without delivery.)
“Premium” - 130 Euro/T; FCA (R. Belarus, Borisov)
“Premium +” - 147 Euro/T; FCA (R. Belarus, Borisov)
depends on: the type of transport, delivery conditions, volume and constancy of the order. Also, the price changes according to the season.
take into account: The volume of production is planned for 1.5 months in advance.
Manufacturer Advantages of “Borisovskyi DOK”:
Quality is constantly checked in laboratory tests.
There is a possibility to deliver by railway

Phone: +371-291-90-134

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