Size: 6x2
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Available: 45 pcs
EXW Latvia
Quality classes A-extra quality
Size: Length: 6mm Width: 2mm
New / used New
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
CategoriesNew wooden pallets

Hot Offer description

We are the official dealer of the factory "OJSC Borisovskiy DOK", looking for new customers.
Our product - Pellets 6mm is certified by standard En + A1, Din +.
The Volume of production 2000 tons/month. (Planned to expand production up to 3000 t/m until winter 2019)
Product types:
White “Premium +” ~ 400 Tons / Month.
Gray “Premium” ~ 1750 Tons / Month. Color Comparison
Packaging only 15 kg.
ash content 0.2 to 0.3%. 2 times a month continuous laboratory measurements. Measurements confirm the stability of quality for “Premium” and “Premium +”
Price: (Autumn 2019 are indicated on FCA terms, ie without delivery.)
“Premium” - 130 Euro/T; FCA (R. Belarus, Borisov)
“Premium +” - 147 Euro/T; FCA (R. Belarus, Borisov)
depends on: the type of transport, delivery conditions, volume and constancy of the order. Also, the price changes according to the season.
take into account: The volume of production is planned for 1.5 months in advance.
Manufacturer Advantages of “Borisovskyi DOK”:
Quality is constantly checked in laboratory tests.
There is a possibility to deliver by railway????.
The special status of “Exporter” allows to make customs clearance of goods direct on the territory of the Factory, what gives + speed and accurate regularity of shipments????.
The honed organization and management at the factory according to the “6 Sigma” principle, and more than 100 years of experience, gives reliability and stability of quality, packaging, shipping, and therefore predictability in work.
Flexibility with transport. (Hiring for you or working with your)
Wood used at the factory is FSC certified. The raw materials for making pellets come from there. We care about forest conservation and recycling.
Radiation safety certificates are always attached to the cargo.

Contacts SIA RBC Corporation: Sales Manager - Antonina Zenkova
e-mail: telegram/whatsApp +79131065234

Hot Offer expires in 11 days
Phone: +371-291-90-134

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