Simple Pallet 1000x1200mm

Simple Pallet 1000x1200mm
Size: 1000x1200x125
Quality classes A-extra quality
Thickness 15mm
Size: Length: 1000mm Width: 1200mm Height: 125mm
New / used New
Physical param. Middleweight 700-1099kg, Heavyweight 1100-1699kg
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
Construction type Block pallet, 4-way pallet, Closed legs
Boards 8+ top deck boards, 15-17mm top deck boards
CategoriesNew wooden pallets


The pallets have the perimetric side closed lower across the perimeter. Since the shape of these pallets allows based on uncertain surfaces, the possibility of stacking palletised goods already is the main feature. This product is also used for placement on the shelf.

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