VMF (1200x1000)
Size: 1200x1000x154
Quality classes A-extra quality
Thickness 22mm
Size: Length: 1200mm Width: 1000mm Height: 154mm
New / used New
Physical param. Heavyweight 1100-1699kg
Type Pallets
Material Wooden
Construction type Block pallet, 4-way pallet, Closed legs, DoubleWing
Boards 6-7 top deck boards, 18-21mm top deck boards, Longitudinal
Treatment HT (heat treatment) , ISPM 15 certified , IPPC (IPPC symbol)
CategoriesNew wooden pallets


VMF pallets
The VMF pallets are used in glass industry for the European distribution of its products. Given the extensive use by these industries and for environmental reasons, this product is the most suitable since it can be reused. To this end, the CSVMF Association (Chambre Syndicale des Verreries Mécanique de France) created the conditions for its members to develop a standard for wood pellets and its reuse.

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