ESD, Electro Static Discharge

ESD, Electro Static Discharge
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ESD Bags, Foam, Foil, Wrap and Boxes
Electro Static Discharge, ESD, can cause damage, or operational disturbances in electronic equipment. Knowing this, through its expertise, Nefab can provide a suitable solution customised according to specific demands.

The complete range of shielding, conductive, insulative and dissipative products enable Nefab to design a solution that gives the required protection.

Nefab can offer a complete ESD control program, including products for the EPA, grounding products and testing equipment.

Over the years, Nefab has delivered solutions for many applications, often in combination with corrosion protection.

Benefits of ESD protection:

Ensures your products arrive safely
Removes concerns of occupational disturbances
Complete customizable
Wide range of products to chose from



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