Corrosion Protection - VCI

Corrosion Protection - VCI
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VCI, ALU barrier + desiccants , Desiccants

During storage and transport, non-treated metals can corrode. Corrosion is a result of oxidation or aggressive elements in the air. Traditional protection materials against corrosion such as oil, grease or paint are time and labour intensive and not environmentally friendly .

VCI (Vapor corrosion inhibitor) technology protects untreated metal against corrosion/oxidation.

VCI creates an invisible molecular protection layer on the metal. The technology evaporates out of the different products (PE film, Pur foam, paper, tablets etc) to saturate the closed environment. Once the environment around the metal is saturated, a thin molecular protection layer is formed on the metal hence avoiding corrosion. Moisture or impurities in the direct air around the metal can no longer influence metal to corrode.

VCI technology is incorporated in different materials:
Polyethylene film
Foam pieces
Paper and corrugated
Powder and tablets
Liquids (oil-based, water-based, Soya-based)
Laminated products
Benefits of VCI products:

Multi metal corrosion protection: all metals are protected
Keeps during minimum 2 years an effective protection against corrosion. VCI can be used for storage and long distance transport purposes
Can be applied as a normal packaging
So many different products and solutions available that almost each requested protection can be done: total corrosion solution
Also protect places that are difficult to reach (complex machinery)
Safe to use (recyclable, environmentally safe)
Approved by NATO and other important companies
Some products are even FDA approved
Do not affect the metal : after unpacking the VCI layer simply evaporates in the air.
Opening and re-closing of the packaging does not affect the VCI functioning
No extra handling after use (the VCI layer disappears once the active VCI source around the metal is taken away).



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