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Plywood Containers | Wooden Containers
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Nefab wooden containers - The Nefab RePak (Returnable Packaging), is an ideal solution for returnable flows. Due to its lightweight plywood material and collapsibility ratio ensures ease of handling and assembly. In addition to the plywood, the container is equipped with steel components to reinforce it's longevity & strength for multiple uses. It's not unheard of for our returnable containers to last over 250 uses and we have references to prove it!

Having a collapsible returnable packaging system allows for numerous savings through handling, transport and storing. The general rule of thumb is that any Nefab returnable wooden container has a collapsibility ratio of 1/5 that of a standard industry wooden packaging solution.

When comparing returnable plywood packaging solutions to alternative materials such as steel or plastic one must consider; environmental impact, capital investement needed, total cost of system inclusing transport/storage/repairs, ergonomics and safety for workers, and much more.

Comparing The Nefab RePak to a one-way solution, a returnable packaging system can realize significant cost savings. Please note: Nefab wooden containers are highly cost-effective if your material flow is reasonably large and you have few distribution points.

Benefits of Returnable Plywood Containers:
Easy to assemble
Delivered collapsed so units are easy to stack and store
Provides excellent product protection
Low weight vs. standard nailed wood products
Long lifespan, very strong
Ideal for returnable packaging pools
Can be returned as one unit
Custom dimensions and features available (h andles, gates, surface treatment, etc)
Meets international phytosanitary regulations for export compliant wood packaging



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