Simple Pallet 800x1200mm

Simple Pallet 800x1200mm
Size: 800x1200x150
Quality classes A-extra quality
Size: Length: 800mm Width: 1200mm Height: 150mm
New / used New
Physical param. Middleweight 700-1099kg
Type Pallets
Material Plastics
Construction type Block pallet, Chamfered legs/deckboards, Chamfered corners
Boards <10mm top deck boards, 10-14mm top deck boards
CategoriesNew plastics pallets


Opendeck europallets

Made out of polyethylene resistant to acids and alkalis, easy to clean.
Temperature range: -30 C to +70 C.
Size: 1200 x 800 x 150 mm.
Weight: 17 kg.
Designed for heavy duty: dynamic loads of up to 1000 kg on a high storage (assuming even distribution of load), and static loads on a flat surface of up to 5000 kg.
High impact resistance owing to the thick wall construction.
Smooth surface and optional peripheral rims.
Available color: black.


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