Pivot bearing and transoms linings

Pivot bearing and transoms linings
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Pivot bearing and transoms linings made out of graphitamide for freight wagons two-axle bogies UIC Y25

Azbestosfree graphitamide - graphite composite in synthetic resine matrix reinforced with fibres has the ability to adjust its shape, absorb vibrations and impact energy, stress and abrasive contaminants. It is resistant to water, oil, petrol, alkalis and acids. The exceptionally high resistance to wear of graphitamide is achieved by reinforcement of fibres lubricated by graphite, which create sliding structure protecting the matrix resin from abrasion.

The use of graphitamide pivot linings and transoms is allowed in temperature from -40 C to +180 C.

Cracow University of Technology, Institute of Rail Vehicles (Krakow, November 2008)
Evaluation of a scientific and testing unit, authorized to carry tests required to obtain commissioning certificates in compliance with the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure dated 12.10.2005 (Journal of Laws, no 212, item 1772).
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Rail Vehicle Standard Components Performance Tests - Test Programme. (Cracow, December 2005)
The objective of the performance tests is to evaluate the usability of standard components of freight wagon bogies. The evaluation is the basis on which the Manufacturer applies to the Office for Railway Transport for issuing a permanent commissioning certificate for a standard component of a railway vehicle in conformance to the railway transportation act dated March 28, 2003, art. 76 (Journal of Laws, no 86, item 789).
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User evaluation, PCC Rail Rybnik S.A. (Rybnik, November 2008)
Subject: pivot socket liners for UIC Y25 freight wagon bogies, side slide liners for UIC Y25 freight wagon bogies.


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