How to use


Dear PalGuru users, here is short instruction on registration steps:

1. Press orange REGISTER button on start page;
2. Fill in basic info about your company. E-mail will be your login username;
3. In upper menu click on MY PROFILE and fill in all possible data;
4. In upper menu click MY COMPANY and fill in your product portfolio;
5. In your profile click EDIT MY COMPANY and fill in contact information;
6. On your profile click ADD PRODUCT and upload all products you are working with;
7. Click on products you have entered and make Hot Offers with price from them.
Information you input will see a lot of companies who want to work with you. Good luck!



You will be able to create your company profile, place information about your products and publish Hot Offers with price.


Main activities available for NON-registered users:

 - Access to all the information on (about companies, assortment, contact info of managers, comments about companies, etc…);


Main activities available for registered users (free of charge):

 - Publishing of any info you want about your company;

 - Editing assortment you are working with or interested in;

- Publishing Hot Offers for your products that will be visible for companies around the world;

 - Leaving comments about other companies;

 - Using instant messaging system for contacting companies;


As advice from PalGuru for successful partners search:

 - Fill your account as much as you can. Half empty information about company is usually not interesting and does not look seriously for your potential partners…




Can I use PalGuru without registration?

Yes, without registration you have access to absolutely all information, which participants have put about them. But without registration you will not be able to leave comments about other companies and to place information about yourself.

Registration is needed only for you, in case if you want to place info about your company.


Is registration and placing of information really free of charge?

Yes, please try it. Participating and placing of information on PalGuru is really for free!


Do I need to fill all the information about products I produce / work with?

It is totally up to you. But please remember, that companies who look for a partner will hardly call or write you if your company account is half empty. They might even not find you in the search if will look for some specific type of product you work with.

So, it is your choice how active you want to be in promoting your company…


What kinds of pallet standards are used on PalGuru?

On PalGuru you can use (search and upload yourself) any kind of pallet types. To make your life easier, we have pre-defined some of them. Thus while input of new product you can select your product from pre-defined list.


For any additional questions, please email moderator at